About Black Canyon Tickets

A brand new company, Black Canyon Tickets was created with keeping one thing in mind: simplicity. We wanted to give concert and festival-goers the opportunity to see their favorite artists without having a difficult time dealing with the middle-man.

How We're Different

We're not setting out to reinvent the wheel, but we are trying to make ticket sales and event hosting easier for residents in Montrose County and the surrounding area. Instead of letting third-party companies that aren't local to the area take large transaction fees off the top for events, we thought having this service in our own community was a great idea.

Have an event? Contact us to discuss setting your ticket sales with us. We're local Montrose County residents and we take pride in bringing quality events to our hometown at fair prices.

Have An Event? reach Out To Us

We can help you setup your event on our website and help you sell tickets fast and easy.



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